Newly Released Wine - Temecula Valley WinesFalkner Winery

Newly Released Wine


Our Super Tuscan Style Amante is our proprietary blend of Sangiovese with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc added. Enjoy the earthy aroma, the garnet color, the elegant flavors of cherry, strawberry, and a bit of spice. This complex, medium-bodied wine pairs well with pasta, veal, duck, and beef dishes. $49.95


Here is a brand new release of our wonderful, slightly sweet wines. Savor the deliciousness and depth of this wine. Enjoy this wine warm as “Hot Lips”, cold as “Sangria”, or room temperature as it is. Take part in the fun and share this tasty wine with your closest friends. And if the mood suits you, come back for more. $15.95


Enjoy the wonderful red ruby color of this Syrah and the delicious flavors of plum and raspberry. This wine takes on a nice oak flavoring with an earthiness and spice to it that should appeal to most consumers. This wine has a smooth finish and pairs well with dishes such as lamb, beef, duck, and goose.

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